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A Word Is Enough – Titinaija

Published by on February 17th, 2020.


“I am Finished! I am finished!! Ewo!! ! That was the words I uttered months ago in the presence of Dr.Akin in his office at Montana hospital when he gave me the result of my medical test which was run on me when I had a slight fever a year after giving birth to my first child.

It all started when I was in the junior secondary school one(jss1), I was only Ten years of age,I had a fast education because of my intelligence,I am short,slim,and fair in complexion. I am from a middle class family and a family of four. My mum,dad,younger brother (Kunle) and I. I’m the first child and only daughter of Mr and Mrs Mabogunje and we hailed from Remo in Ogun state at this time my younger brother was only eight years of age and was in primary Four.

My first day at junior secondary school one was unforgettable for me because I met new friends and new teachers. At Alfred International school, welcome party are always organized for the jss1 pupils so the experience was and still evergreen in my memory because that day we r to put on our best clothes and shoes for the special occasion. Alfred International school is a school which comprises of both male and female,Boarding and day pupils the school is one of the best private secondary school then in my area and it is situated at sango Otta,Ogun state.
During the welcome party occasion that day, I met two girls who eventually became my two best friends named Omotolani and Omobolanle but I love calling them Tola and Bola,we became friends like sisters ,we sit together ,eat,chat,play and study together.Tola and Bola lives in the school hostel while I live outside the school with my parents. Tola and Bola were much older than me but regardless the age we were cool together so we began our friendship.

” Wow! Yes! Yes!! We passed!! We passed! !!” That was the words Bola uttered when she came back from our class teacher’s office, she was excited amd jubilating saying we passed that three of us topped the class,in our jss1 third term examination,we hugged each other happily,then Tola said we are going out that since we already passed that her school mother promised her that if we topped the class she will throw a party for us so we all agreed. We also planned that I’m to lie to my parents that I’m going for a vigil since it was Friday night we intend to attend the party ,So Tola and Bola are to sneak out of the hostel together with their school mother.That was how our waywardness started.

On that Friday night we all met at a club named 3AD here in sango not far from our school,During the party we met different guys they were rich and handsome ,one of them walk up to me and said I’m beautiful that he likes me but I don’t know what to say because it was my first time I only said ” Thank You ” so we exchange information on how we could get each other since I don’t have a phone yet,During the party Tola amd Bola taught me how to drink alcohol because I never tasted alcohol before so three of us drank to stupor together with Tola school mother. We spent a lot of time in the club so we drank to the fullest till we lost control and started misbehaving.

Around 5am the next morning, I met myself in a hotel room when I looked around I met Bolaji the guy we exchange information at the club beside me, immediately I woke him up and asked him what I was doing in a hotel room, so he said when he realized that four of us were drunk so he ordered for two rooms,that my friends and school mother are in the other room and he thought of spending the night with me since he liked me. Immediately he said that I realized that I was putting on nothing Bolaji boastfully told me that we already made love to each other that I’m so sweet in bed.I started crying that I was only a young child that why does he have to do that to me so he consoled and gave me twenty thousand naira to say sorry but I rejected the money,dressed up and went out angrily that day I didn’t wait for others so I just went home straight. When I got home my mum noticed that I wasn’t happy but I can’t tell her what happened because I didn’t tell her where I was truly coming from and what happened so after much persuasion to make me talk she just let go of the matter.

When it was later in the evening I went to visit my friends at their place since we are already on holiday, when I got there they were scolding me that why would I just leave the place without informing them so I narrated that what happened to them, I told them to let us keep it as a secret between ourselves so Tola said its not its not a new thing that they have also done it countless time that its nothing,Bola later concluded saying ” Welcome to the gang” I stood up and walked out angrily. For weeks and months I was alone didn’t talk to Bola and Tola do they later came back begging that we should become friends once again, so we started going out together meeting different guys,sleeping with them,flexing and doing other things.

One faithful day when I wanted to sneak out of the house to meet my friends mum caught me ,she had to bring me back home and flog me ,she also warned me to change and become a new being I should dress and act like a girl that comes from a trained home, she concluded by saying ” You know you are only daughter and also the first child and you also know your junior brother is looking at you as a role model so just behave like a good role model your brother expected you to be” instead of saying ” I’m sorry” to my mum I walked out that day to pack my things and left the house,I was only twelve years of age then when I left home to stay with my friends because they already left the hostel and started living outside the outside the school.

Two years later I became the boss in my group we called the group ” The Bigs Girls Gang” because I was the most attractive and beautiful girl among the three of us that we are friends but by then I already start deteriorating in my studies,I didn’t study anymore I only Care about partying amd flexing. One day my class teacher called me and my friends that our grades are no longer good and impressing that instead of topping the class we are already the least in the class,instead of we apologizing and promising to turn a new leaf we had to insult the teacher telling her we are no longer students since we already start making our own money that what’s our gain if we come to school? So we became drop out at senior secondary school two (SS1) and I was only fourteen years of age while Tola and Bola were eighteen years of age, since we already became drop outs we started our prostitute profession we now do full time prostitute instead of the part time we were operating before.

This continued for some years before nemesis catch up with me and my friends. We all went to club one Friday night to chill and catch fun, so we met three big guys as at that time they were the biggest guys in town and then I already clock eighteen years of age, so the guys had to take is each I was lucky that the richest of the guys was the one who picked me and the remaining picked my friends,then we all separated and went to the hotel room to do our usual business, but before we do our usual business we already exchange contact. After the job in the afternoon my friends and I met at home we narrated our experiences to each other to our surprise it was the same thing the guys told each of us. The guys told us that we should quit the job we are doing that they wants to settle down with us that they were damn serious about it and that they are giving us three days to think about. So my friends and I decided to quit the job and be serious with those guys that they might be of help to change our spoilt lives not knowing they were the other way round.

This went on for months, we were already into relationship with those guys not knowing they were pure ritualist that they use females to renew their money, then my friends and I are already happy that we will soon settle down and start a new life with our various partners. Weeks later Tola develop a illness from nowhere maggot began to come out of her body,we had to take her to different hospital till she gave up.Tola boyfriend, Bola,I and our boyfriends gave Tola a befitting burial for her since we didn’t know any of her family because she also left her house when they were scolding her also. After two months we forgot Tola and continue our lives with the guys.Barely five months later Bola also started her sickness, her body was swelling and things like boils were all over her body so I had to take her to a herbalist who later told me that Tola and Bola were used by ritualist that we called our boyfriends but nothing can be done to save Bola,after some days she also diedI was the only one left among three of us that were friends.

I just had to quit the relationship and run for my dear life. Weeks later I discovered I was three months pregnant,so I proceed to Montana hospital to terminate the pregnancy but when I got there Dr.Akin said I can’t abort the baby unless I will lose my womb because of numerous abortion I had committed that my womb is already weak that even he is not sure that after this child I can conceive anymore. Upon hearing this I was disheartened so I left there and went back home on my way back home I wept profusely but I had nothing to do later on I took up a job as a cleaner in a boys hostel just to make money and cater for my unborn child.

Seven months later,I was put to bed I delivered a baby girl and I was discharged three days later when I returned home I met the landlord outside he had already thrown my properties out that he can’t take it anymore because I was owing him house rent. I pleaded but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. So I began to sleep in an uncompleted building with my four day old baby. I decided to go back to my parents but when i got there they chased me like a dog saying they already disown me for a very long time that I should leave their compound and never return back. Upon so much plead my parents didn’t listen to me,so I went back to the uncompleted building I was staying and started begging alms to feed my child and I. Barely one year later I began to feel feverish so I went back to Dr. Akin at Montana hospital so he said a test will be conducted on me to know what really happened and went wrong, hours later the medical test results came out and it stated that I was already infected with the deadly disease called ” AIDs“.

Now its finished, Ewo! Ewo!!! I’m finished!!!!” I lost everything, I became a drop out of secondary school,became a mother at nineteen years of age and became an AIDs patient at age of twenty, nothing is left for me no where to go,no parents, no friends and then I kept turning deaf hears to all advice that were given to me now I have only three months left for me to live and no one to take care of my little girl. Now I’m using this medium to commiuncate to young beautiful ladies out there to always listen to the adult and elder ones when they keep scolding and advising you whenever you go wrong. Hmmm……,Now I just realize that it is true when they say ” A WORD IS ENOUGH, FOR THE WISE”. I am finished.

Dedicated to all beautiful young ladies out there, all over the world.


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