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Becoming a Prolific Writer – Titinaija

Published by on February 17th, 2020.

By Titinaija
Your girl,Titinaija is here again with another awesome write up promise you this is going to be educative just like my previous story ” A Word Is Enough “ and My previous Write up ” Fear and Feelings ” respectively.

Now let’s go into today’s write up which is titled ” Becoming a Prolific Writer“. First of all , what is Prolific?
Prolific means someone or something that is fruitful or highly productive. It also means to present in large numbers of quantities or plentiful.

Meaning of a writer?
A person who writes or produces literary work.

Now what’s the meaning of a Prolific Writer?
A Prolific Writer is one who writes and produces a large number of works of arts,books and so on.

To become a prolific writer you will first be a writer before you can think of becoming a prolific one. Someone can’t just wake up one morning and say I’m a prolific writer.” Becoming a prolific writer involves a gradual process”. Before one can also think of becoming a writer he/she must possess some certain qualities which are;

Passion is the first and foremost thing you have to possess before going into writing is “passion”. Passion is a great,strong, powerful emotion or determination towards something. To become a writer you must have passion and interest in writing and not only writing, you must have passion for reading. Just like a friend of mine do say ” Write anything writeable and read anything readable till you come out big and great”. With passion for writing you won’t be able to quit writing,Passion is the first criterion of becoming a writer.

Secondly, before going into writing something must have inspired you to do so. There are many source of inspiration,your source of inspiration might be your background,friends,parents,movies,music,society and so on. Inspiration comes from different angles.
Inspiration is the act of a stimulating influence upon the intellect,emotions or creativity. A good writer is supposed to observe what inspires him/her to write because with that you can become a great writer with the aid of what inspires you.

Possessing a good writing communication skills is also important if you are aspiring to become a writer, you must be able to know the choice of words and how to use words randomly in every situation or literary work you find yourself. Knowing how to communicate with your pen is the best feeling ever with that your writings won’t be offensive in part of your readers, your work will just be an acceptable one. What I’m saying in essence is that having a good writing communication skill helps your work be a perfect one.

Idea is an image of an object that is formed in the mind. Its also a conception in the mind of something to be done,a plan or intention for doing something. Idea is also a purposeful aim or goal.
Having ideas is a part of the criteria of being a writer and not only just having ideas but to be able to build your ideas well to make it acceptable. Building and composing your ideas well will make your readers and fans want to read every single work of yours. In short,having educative ideas and able to build them well will make you be on the track of a good writer.

Hijacking is derived from the word ” Hijack” it means to be able to control. Hijacking readers simply means to be able to control your readers in the sense that you should be able to capture their attention and having the power to put your readers into suspense with your pen making them to read to the end before they drop your work,with that you are a potential writer.

The last but not the least is ” Research”. Research is The diligent inquiry or examination to seek or revise facts,or theories. In other words, Research is the quest for more understanding about a topic or facts.
Before you think of going into writing,you must be able to do maximum research of an idea before you start your work. Having adequate understanding aids a good literary work. A good writer does research every now and then to broaden his/her knowledge and widen his/her understanding. It also helps in exposing you more to different things its not necessary you experience something before you have the prior knowledge of things.

Having possess the above qualities of becoming a writer then you are good to go ahead into writing different literary works. Now our main focus is ” How to become a prolific writer”. Its true that when you start to write you are likely to face rejections,condemnations and all sorts of rebuke. Of course every great thing have their various Ups and Downs,but I assure you that they are just stepping stones to success,if you don’t pass through the rejection stage its possible for you not to improve on your writing skills and ideas or even come out great. There are various steps you can follow to become a prolific writer who produces intelligent and educative works.

Here are some steps below;

A writer writes daily so as to improve in his/her writing skills. To become a prolific one you have to use your pen daily and establish a daily routine, once you do that its hard to break no matter how busy you are,if you have the passion for writing you will surely make a time for it. What I’m saying in short is, To become a prolific writer you have to use your pen daily.

Whenever you want to start writing always make it an habit to outline whatever points you want to make, Map out everything so you won’t get to forget whenever you start writing on such topic. Jotting out points and message you want to convey is very important so it can make your writing much easier to finish up.

This is the point where you do your first draft, it means emphasizing on each point you have map out. This stage is not the stage of editing,this is where most writers get it wrong your first draft doesn’t need editing straightaway because you have to first put everything down like sketch it before you write the real one


After drafting out all you have in your head, its not necessary for you to rewrite immediately leave your drafted work for about 24hrs to cool your head before rewriting by then you can now add or subtract from your work.

Having finish rewriting your work read again and again to avoid sounding stupid,and also to avoid errors and most especially to detect wrong usage of words. So re-read your work carefully before you go ahead to the next step if there is no error showcasing in your work.

After you are done with the rewriting and reading through of your work then you can now edit your work for publish.

Since we already learnt about the criteria of becoming a writer and steps to become a prolific one, I will like to remind you that a writer is not always lazy, you have to do your best to avoid sounding stupid and nonsensical in the sight if your readers,stay focus,over commit yourself and stop worrying on when will be famous.


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