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Goal – Titinaija

Published by on February 17th, 2020.

by Titinaija
Its been a while on here, but your favorite writer is here again with an educational article for you guys.
Oh yes! everyone is happy and joyous that we witness another year which is a great joy, privilege and grace from the great one. Celebrations are meant to happen but I don’t want you to be carried away with the new year celebrations, that’s the reason behind this write up of mine which is Titled ” GOAL

Every man is born to achieve, atleast, one goal in his life time. That is, every individual most likely in West African where we are and other countries around the World, have all been groomed and brought up in a certain way that’s going to lead one to his goal. Now let’s define what goal really means;

Goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people plan and commit to achieving. People endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by settling deadlines. A goal is roughly similar to a purpose or aim.
Goal can also be said as a point scored in a game as a result of placing the object into the goal”

Already when we talk about goals you know we do not mean the goals that sport men tries to attain in a game be it football, Basketball and so. Setting a goal is an essential part of man for someone who wants to make use of life. According to Socrates “An unexamined life does not worth living “. Before you can set a goal the first thing you have to possess is a ” DREAM

Dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. It’s also the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case. When You have a dream then you work towards it to get it accomplished. However, We are to always remember that man has been trying to achieve several goals ever since the point of birth.

Meanwhile, while setting your goal towards your dream always remember some will encourage us to reach our goals while some will slow us down. There are different challenges and obstacles which stands as Barricade Between Man and his goals. Some of the Obstacles are;

Every thing living and moving all have a sharp instinct of fear in them. Take for instance walking alone at night then suddenly you get to a dark quiet area where there’s no form of light penetration at all, and this very path leads to your house. It’s normal to be Afraid at this point but it’s bad to allow fear gets a grip of you. Even if eventually, you decide to pass the path but already fear has grippd you all round up,first your walking steps can never be balanced and you will feel a visible tension shivering within you (That’s the fear)which will make your journey through that path be a long and very stressful one but when you walk pass without the penetration of fear you can easily walk boldly with your senses active to signal any forms of threat…. You Just need to cough out fear if you want to reach your goal.

First step of a man downfall is giving up and man can only think about giving up only when he’s doubtful of his worth and he keep reminiscing on ” can i do this” “i wish i can but i can’t” worry around about the burden he’s to lift on his shoulder instead of trying to introduce new techniques that can help clear his doubt and give him a swift boost to reach his Goals.

Talking about Been rejected is very quite understandable in the struggle of attaining sucess. Rejection comes from different angle maybe from relatives, friends and close ones, remember the illustration given about a man and his relative now after the relatives reject his will and intention which serves as his center point of intrest, The man feels rejected within himself, depressed and trying to find some sort of redemption this can deprived him from reaching his Goals.

As Aristotle rightly said: Man is a political animal. He who is unable to leave in a society or has no need because he is sufficient for himself must be a beast or god”. Nevertheless, there is a need for man to live in a society. Thus, Society serves as the field in which the footballers run around on and pass the ball to themselves before eventually reaching to a GOAL. If the field is not in good shape and proper conditions the players could face difficulties making it hard to reach a goal. So, for man, society plays a vital role in the quest to reach his GOALS.

Lastly, This phase is just about when Man has reached the Climax to attaining his Goals, many face the most challenges in this phase of Finance as we all know Finance is just a more organised word to represent Money what can we plan in which Money is not going to be involved? Absolutely nothing. To reach his goals man needs money to make more money. The best Advice for the solution about money is reduce indecent expenses, create a plan and map out budget try and invest and save then don’t just stay idle and depends on relatives or friends, hustle to show yourself approved of taking the glory.

Having Recognized the angles in which you can face difficulties when trying to achieve your goal then you work towards scapong through the obstacles to achieve your proposed dream,Then you set Your goals. While setting Your goal you have to :
a. Identfy Your Goal
b. Write them down
c. Set Priorities
d. Be Realitic
e. Asses your goal on regular basis
And finally
f. Keep Track of Your Progress.

However, While You follow the Above steps be Optimistic because without the mindset to expect the best all effort might seem Fruitless and Always prepare your mind to Soar Higher.

” Our dreams become reality when we first give ourselves permission to dream into goal, which is the bridge between the world imagination and the reality we create for ourselves “

The most important thing is to REACH YOUR GOAL!!!!!
Happy new year once again!!!!

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FB:Bukunmi kalejaiye


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