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Interview Session With The CEO Of

Published by on May 17th, 2020.

New Kings Entertainment Interview Session With The CEO Of

Today, May 17th 2020, an Interview took place online at exact 1pm to know more about the CEO of Miss Sarah a member of the team was the interview host .

The interview goes thus;

Miss Titinaija good afternoon

Good Afternoon Ma’am

How are u doing

I’m good ma, How about u?

Am gud ,Okey Miss Titinaija can u please introduce Yourself

Well ,I’m Titinaija a female blogger and The CEO of

Wow nice….A blogger dats nice, Miss Titinaija we have lots of questions for u from our members hope u are ready

Um I think I am ma’am

Whats ur real name

My real name is Oluwabukunmi Celestina

Nice, Where did you get the name Titinaija from? or in other words how was the name derived?

Hmm what a question, My nickname was given to me by my best friend actually my third name is Titilayomi so he gave me Titinaija in which the Naija ” was also extracted from his own nick name

what inspired u to start blogging

Wow, What really inspired me to start blogging was because I love to be updated with news and my phone is my friend I love searching the internet for new things ,i write too when I’m less busy, Linda Ikeji and my best friend inspired me too

This is amazing,Linda Ikeji Is lot of people’s inspiration

U can say that again and again

What are ur taste in a man, as a lady what are those things a guy does dat will make u fall in love with him

Hmmm, Everyone has their own taste but I believe one thing in life your taste might not be what you are destined to have or be
What a man can do for me to fall in love is caring, he should be honest , trustworthy above all Genuine and pure love

Are u single or taken

Smiles, I’m Taken

Do u can work with our team

I think I can if its actually my area of specialization

Where do u see Titinaija in the next 5years

Hmm, Titinaija in the next 5 Years

To be successful, well known , fulfilled desires and getting ready to settle down

Amen to that,What’s ur favorite food

Pounded Yam with Vegetables Soup garnished with Cowskin
I love food u know

Smiles I know already,Since u are in the entertainment industry what’s ur favorite movie

I don’t watch movies because my mentality is watching movies is a waste of time

But I watch the movies who has my favorite actor who is Bukunmi Oluwashina

How old are u

I’m currently 18 years

Young and getting it,What do u really think about our team here

I haven’t gotten to know much about this team because I got to know this team today but with my little research I know its a team of entertainment where there is multiple ,raw and undiluted talents

Thanks,With time u will
With ur past experience, disappointments, frustrations, and all.

What advice can YOU give to young bloggers, and what’s ur driving force for not giving up till now.
Wow, With my experience so far my humble advice for young bloggers is that they should never relent , no matter the obstacles or disappointment they should keep their head high and focus on the future because a broken crayon still colours

And the driving Force that doesn’t made me relent is my family, Partner and those who looked into my eyes and told me “u will never make it” you are gonna end up in the kitchen

God forbid that’s not ur calling

we will work with u as a team but what will u add to us, cause we have dancers, artist, Dj’s and comedians

Well ,Everything is in the hands of the great one,Will help in any way I can

Thanks,Do u picture urself getting married to someone from this Team or maybe Zeeto himself?…we know God hold d future but to u is it possible?

Oops Big question… Man proposes ,God disposes everything will go in accordance with the will of the great one

If I’m to get married to someone from this team all good and if I can’t all good

Nice, Can u tell us ur greatest mistake so far in blogging If any?

Yea , my greatest mistake so far in blogging is trusting someone I know from no where

Wow I guess u need to stop trusting easily den
What is ur greatest activement so far

Hmm with the little time I spent in blogging from the first day to this date my greatest achievement is owning my own blog,That is acquiring a site of my own

That’s great,Will u like to work with us as our personal blogger?

Wow that’s cool ,But payment go dey involved but will not be much being my team

U will not work for free ni

Ma’am smiles u r right but I need to keep the blog going and some other things

If I do it free then how will I maintain my blog ma’am, And beside a job u spend on its tend to have more value than free job u know

Its true….dey will pay u

How do you balance blogging with ur relationship?

Its God’s grace I balance it the way I balance studies with blogging but u know when u have an understanding partner who knows the nature of ur job u are good to go

Hope ur bf is supportive and not envy of you going into blogging.

Yes very supportive he is my number one fan and he isn’t envy because he is also into entertainment

Best way to be popular in blogging is by throwing mud at popular people in the society, are you also planning to do that?

Not everyone will make it by throwing mud at popular people because sometimes u might end up in trouble and for Titinaija its not possible for her because what will she gain by tarnishing someone else’s image when she fully know the law of karma is always ready anytime anyday

But to get popular is by the grace of God
Additionally I can actually publish a scandal news if every other blog is doing the same at least no be everyone blog dem go deal with

Yeah polishing scandals comes with good names as well and a great reputation


Do ur guy supports u financially or he feels u don’t need it?

He supports me financially because he feels I need support from him instead he tells me keep ur money for ur other needs or to grow ur site more

Titinaija we have to hold u a bit longer cause we have lots of questions…hope u won’t mind, just give us few more minutes…

No problems ma

Thats great,What do u think of double dating in a relationship

Double dating favours other people and doesn’t favour some

To me double dating is a waste of time because mostly the person is always a loser

Its better to stay with one partner then when u guys are no more u can go on to another that means it actually not meant for u and if u have lost so many things in the relationship just have it in mind that u did it for love

So true….that’s a nice one

what’s ur position in ur family

I’m the Second Daughter and Second Child in the Family of 8

Wow u have a lot of younger ones to take care of oo, make sure u make dat money


Few more questions and we are done……

Yes ma’am🥰

who’s ur favorite artist and y

Dont really have a favorite artist but I listen to Naira Marley and Simi Songs the most because there is truth in their lyrics

Yeah……what do u think of this team , group and what is the advice u have for the admins.
Words of encouragement and advice pls

Um the group is super active and I love dat my advice for the Admins is that they should try as much as possible not to let this group go astray and minimize msgs yea its nice to have fun on the group but u know when messages are becoming too much members might be prompted to leave the group when they realize that fun msgs are much than that of benefitting one.

And my words of encouragement is dat never think u aren’t good enough to do something, never think less of urself, Never compare ur success with other people own because everyone has his or her own time

And lastly focus on where u are going dont quit but when u get tired rest and continue the journey and most important thing is that in the journey of success dont stop and throw stones to every dog that barks

Thank you

Thank u so much Titiniaja for those great words, we appreciate and we love u for ur time and effort
You are always welcome

It was nice having you around we really appreciate and with that we have come to the end of the interview…..Thank u so much Titinaija we get to talk to u more often.

Sure, Thanks so much for the love

Thanks for your time and words of encouragement.
We sincerely appreciate
Thanks for your concern, with time you’ll know more about our team and you’ll never regret being part of our family!!

One Love

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