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Interview Session With TimSilver Comedy

Published by on September 30th, 2020.


An Online Interview Took Place On The 9th of September between a comedian and the CEO of Titinaija blog. The Purpose Of The Interview Is to make the upcoming acts learn from the success story of the popular musician.

The interview goes thus;

I’m glad for the opportunity u gave me to know about u and also spread it to the upcoming acts at large.

What’s your full name?

Oladele Seun Samuel

Tell Us Your stage name?

Timsilver Comedy

When and how do you start your career?

started my career back in 2018,with a comedy skit, called inconclusive due, to result of one election in one state,in Nigeria,but before then I do act at school and church.

What Inspired You?

What inspired was that naturally I’m funny,no one will talk to me without smiling,and I discovered the talent in me,i use to get inspiration for comedy everyday without thinking hard.
I also love making people happy.

How did u discover your passion for comedy?

I love entertainment,and I can’t sing nor dance,still I want to be entertaining people,i sat down think about what I can choose,so I go for comedy,because I had passion for acting,and writing of skits.

Wow That’s Cool




Is your comedy career good enough and paying enough to be able to pay all your bills?

Well I have to say this,am not doing comedy for money or to be famous,am doing it for fun,to make myself happy and that of my fans.
But something is still coming from comedy.
I can said am multi talented,am into other things which fetch me money that pay my bills.

Wow, Where do u hope to reach and what are your plans for the future?

Hmm!!, Well everyone want greatness which I does it.
Am hoping for God plan and greatness. Like a saying,Man propose,God dispose.
A man with a plan is a salve to him self.
Not that I don’t have plan,but I prefer working hard with strategy. Well everyone want greatness,which I does too.

I don’t get that side well A man with what sorry

A man with a plan,is a salve to him,which means don’t focus on the plan,but focus on the goal.
Plans fails.

Wow 👏


Is it true that comedians offstage are generally loners and fairly quiet?

100% true, Comedians don’t really talk too much,we save it,till we are on stage,we keep the strength,the energy,but if we talk it will be funny. My friend can’t stay with me without laughing.
Not all comedian are lonely,but some does.

Alright, What type of comedy do u do?

Farce comedy, Revue and variety comedy, Stand-up comedy,and skits comedy.

Do you observe situations and create comedy or can u create comedy just in your head

Both but most time from my thinking and imagination.

Your feelings about the industry in general and in the country overall

True the county isn’t supportive and fair to hustlers and everyone at large, My feelings about the industry is that is just like a war,to be famous you need to work harder,the fact is that many people competing for one post.
But the county is not been supportive at all,but our celebrity are trying their best to help the up coming.Only God can help us.

How much time does it take to prepare a skit

Just a day,the shooting and the editing.

What’s your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is God Almighty. My family and friends

what happens when u pull up a skit and people don’t laugh?

I feel one man food is another man poison.A skit that doesn’t make someone smile,will make someone laughing and rolling on ground.

Can someone learn to be funny on stage?

Hummm, Yes,if the person work through it,but not doing coping and paste,you can learn from the celebrity and put up your own style.

What’s the difference between trying to write jokes and develop stand-up comdey material?

The difference is that anyone can write joke,but not everyone have the talent,energy and skill to be on stage and performing,personally someone may be funny but getting on stage it may not. That’s depend on the person ability,and time given to the comedian.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is that am chasing my dream and career,and everyone around has been supportive,no one has discouraged me.Another achievement is that I have young comedian am mentoring too. Which means am some comedians mentor too.

What qualities do other comedian have that you admire

Want to be boss on my own too.
And well known world wide.

What’s your favorite quote

Let your achievement be greater than your appearance.

What are some biggest mistakes new comedians make

The biggest mistake is we want to turn our friends to our fans,which is not suppose to so,let friend play the role of friends,let fans play the role of fans.

Wow😳, What advice would u give new comedians who are just starting

Never desire to be like someone else,be yourself,take things easy,work hard even if people is not liking,sharing,and commenting,some people are secret fans. Never give up.

What’s your viewpoint and advice to Titinaija blog

Hmmmmm,Titinaija has been so good to me, supportive, encouraging.Titinaija has been my favorite blog,since we met. You are really doing well with your post and update. You are among the best dear. My advice is that you should keep trying,never give up,you are almost there.

Thanks boss



You can contact Tim Silver Comedy Through the Below Link;


Click Here


Click Here

We have come to the end of the interview and I’m very sure u learn one or two things about the comedian lifestyle. Your comment are needed fans!


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