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Love Languages In Relationships – Mc Babs

Published by on February 17th, 2020.

Written by Mc Babs

What is love languages?
Love languages are predictive character or roles that a person both male and female showcase in a relationship…

In other words it is the way your partner react and act in a relationship
This act is however natural and can some times be bent but most times it is the behavior of the partner that determines how long the relationship last….
I shall list the kinds of love languages

A. Words of affirmations
B. quality time
C. Receiving gifts
D. Physical touches; holding of hands, caressing,kisses and all other of such
E.Act of services

We shall make emphasises on the 1st one which is words of affirmations
Words of affirmations are word of expression you say to ur partner that makes them happy and feel loved as well as giving noticeable remarks on regular changes
Some people prefer you tell them sweet things as it makes them happy and shows that your truly love them and you care about their way of life

But male and female love this words of affirmations but it has been noticeable in females more often.
For example she plait her hair but she did not give you a pre notice on it before time
Then when you two are together she won’t tell you she had made her hair she won’t hide the hair either she fluants it for you to see she already made a new hair and expects you to give positive remarks on the hair.
That’s when the words of affirmations comes in but it has to be words you mean thats comes from ur heart eg: ” wow baby, you made your hair.. it suits you so well. It brighten your face”

Words like this make her blush and give her that relaxtion and satisfaction that yes her man has the ability to notice changes and give good remarks on things happening around her… she will feel loved and safe.
Another area where this words of affirmations comes in is when your partner is not in his or her normal mood.
For example when she’s in a menstrual periods she usually have mood swing and might not be her normal cheer ful self
Your ability to notice that her mood has changed gives her the affirmations that yes her partner is moving in accord with the relationship
In a relationship you don’t use bad words on your partner even if you are in a bad mood and your partner calls you on ur phone or sent you a text
Try in ur possible best to answer in cool and calm manner as it’s important to know that words can hurt people

But your partner might what to endure what ever harsh words u use and not let you know that those words hurt them
They tend to act like things is cool but deep down they feel some how hurt on ur choice of words this might cause a very short term relationship
However this is only a phase of relationship we need to consider but not every body acts this way though.

Let’s talk on the number 2 which is” quality time”
In some relationship all he or she want is just to be around you
How most people show their level of love is by spending quality time with whoever there are dating.. they want to see you, tell you things going on in their lives and see the expressions on ur face as well as listen to what ever suggestion you have for them
Some people just want to go out with you have fun and be happy the happiness is actually based on the fact that you are there with them

Like i said love languages most times does not require verbal communication it’s left for you to study your partner and know the category at which he or she show case love and the person character too.
For example if your partner needs your attention it’s left for you to find a suitable time for them so as they can feel loved Nd understands that the person there are dating also understand their way of love.
Quality time is very important in a relationship it might not requires sex as at the moment there are times you need to sit and discuss about what’s going on in each other’s life

With this your relationship tend to last longer as you guys are already discussing and fixing every loop holes up there won’t be room for frustrations.

To be Continue


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