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Titinaija – Fear & Feelings

Published by on February 17th, 2020.

All over the world it is accepted that the word “Fear and Feelings” are different words entirely, they run along parallel paths which is also true if you ask a layman. But in this write up of mine we would be looking on how two words so different in nature and meaning could actually become one in the sense that,how can they possibly affect each other and what’s the relationship between them. But before that I would love to enlighten us more on the meaning of each word.
What is fear?
Fear is the bad feeling you have towards something or someone. Its also the feeling you have when you are frightened by something that scares you which can also make one unable to think straight when he/she is in fear.
Fear looking at it from another perspective is a part of human, sometimes we need it to wake us up to what needs to be done. For example, a primary one pupil who had forgotten he was given an assignment to do,but with the fear of the teacher he had in him that if he doesn’t do the assignment he would be punished severely, he would run to get the assignment done to avoid been scolded by the teacher. He actually remembered the assignment given to him because of the fear he had.
Fear is also when you are not bold enough to do something or get things done because you want to avoid a flaw , criticism or even condemnation.
What is feelings?
Feelings is from the word “feel” which means to experience a particular feeling or emotion. Feelings can be said as the emotion you have for someone which is felt by the mind or through the senses. Its also the idea or belief that a thing is likely to happen.
Feelings can also be said as the love you have for someone
Now having known the meaning of each word, According to their meaning its obvious that they are two different words entirely, but there is a relationship between them which is the ” MIND “. Feelings is the emotion felt from the Mind and Fear is also the feeling felt from the Mind. That’s Just the basic relationship between them.
Our concern on this write up is how can Fear and Feelings possibly affect each other, as we already know the relationship between them let’s also know how they can affect each other. As we all know that Fear and Feelings are in various dimension but I will like to take you towards the relationship dimension…. So let’s concentrate on the relationship aspect.
Two ways Fear and Feelings can affect each other;

  1. Fear and Feelings can affect each other Negatively.
  2. Fear and Feelings can affect each other positively.
    Now let’s emphasize on the two points above;
  3. Fear and Feelings can affect each other Negatively
    Yes Truly, Fear and Feelings can affect each other Negatively causing a relationship to be destroyed. In the sense that when you love someone dearly but the fear of the person which may be as result of the age, stature, behaviour of the spouse and so on especially on the part of guy it can make two lovers separate.
    In other words, let’s sight an example; Two lovers who deeply love each other , the female is the one who fears the male Just because of his stature and mainly his absurd behavior, no matter what there will be a point in time in which the female might want to let out her feelings or even correct her spouse but because of the fear she have for the male , she might not be able to correct him and that can cause a decrease in the feelings she have for the guy which can also lead to their separation, as we all know that females are the weaker sex.
    Truly love is bold and is patient in every situation, you may be thinking that no matter what if she truly loves him she is suppose to correct her spouse no matter how hard it is…but you know its this same philosophy that says if you know you are not compatible with your spouse try and walk out of the relationship and leave him to find someone who has the courage to talk to him or endure if you think things are going to change…what if he doesn’t change?
  4. Fear and Feelings can affect each other positively .
    Fear and feelings can affect each other positively causing a relationship to be strengthened. Yes that’s the fact. Often times, its universally believed that if you love someone you better prove it,because love is not a noun to be defined but a verb to be acted upon. Many relationships out there are still alive because of the love they proved to each other, loving someone does not necessary end there..loving someone deals with the emotions and intentions you have towards your spouse.
    When in love you won’t want to do things that will hurt the other person’s feelings that’s where fear sets in,the fear of losing the person you love will make you to abstain from the things that can eventually lead to losing that person. There are many things one can do that is dangerous to the person you love like cheating, lies, selfish desires, lack of trust, dishonesty and so on. Lack of trust is the Paramount pillar of losing someone in a relationship, its believed that a relationship without trust is like a bird without wings, so the fear of losing the person you love or have Feelings for will make you abstain from all kind of vices that can put the relationship at stake. Here Fear and Feelings already affect each other positively.

  5. Thus, Life itself is a choice, you chose the kind of life you want to live till you leave the earth, so as everything that happen to human is also a choice…. Now its left for you reader to chose the kind of relationship you want with your partner be it the fear that affects relationship positively or Negatively.

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